Cartagena de India is the capital of the Bolivar department, Colombia. It was founded by Pedro de Heredia on June 1st, 1533. Cartagena is a Touristic and Cultural District since 1991. The city is located on the northern coast in the Caribbean coast region.

Since its foundation in 16th century and during the entire Spanish colonial period Cartagena de Indias was one of the most important ports in America. Nearly all of its cultural and artistic heritage comes from that time. On November 11th, 1811 Cartagena declared its independence from Spain. This day is a national holiday in Colombia and the city enjoys a four-day celebration called "Fiestas de Independencia" (November 11th Feasts)

Cartagena has mainly been associated with pirate history. It suffered numerous attacks by European pirates. Due to the new influx of wealth to the city, it became a hot spot for them. That is why it became the best-protected city in South America and the Caribbean and almost as protected as the Gulf of Mexico at that time. Nowadays Cartagena keeps its colonial arqutecture.

Over time Cartagena has developed its urban zone, kept its historical center and become one of the most important ports and touristic destinations in the country, the Caribbean region and the world. Currently Cartagena has 971,700 inhabitants and its urban area is the fifth-largest urban one in the country. Its historical center or «Ciudad Amurallada», was designated a Colombian national heritage in 1959 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984.Its military arquitecture was distinguished as the Fourth Wonder of Colombia in 2007.