58 International Congress


Cooperation between Colombia and Holland has evolved satisfactorily in the last years. The bilateral relations are currently in a transitional phase in which a more equal relation with benefits for both sides is the goal.

Colombia has big challenges in the areas of water, sanitation, renewable energy and waste management. These challenges represent opportunities to get modernization in those areas. In this matter, Holland has a lot of experience and it wants to share it with Colombia and the world. Because of a great part of its territory has been recovered from the sea through several complex hydraulic structures like dikes, polders and dams, the 60% of The Netherlands is subject to floods.

It is estimated that two thirds of the Dutch GDP are generated in land recovered from the sea. Great hydraulic works and innovative solutions allowed its inhabitants to shape their territory. Moreover the necessity of planning and agreements has produced lasting, sustainable and integral solutions. Now they take into consideration the regions’ needs and characteristics.

There is no waste in Holland, as a cleaning company advertisement says. From the 60 million tons of waste produced in a year, 80% is recycled, 18% is incinerated and just 2% is put into landfill. Achieving these percentages has been the result of a long-term vision in which policy designs, technological innovation and awareness-raising campaigns have coalesced.

Opportunities to generate renewable energies have been found together with agricultural waste recovery. Currently in the European Union and especially in The Netherlands, biomass plays a key role to achieve goals of renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Small country, big opportunities. Yes, Holland is a country with extensive experience made available to Colombia. Its motto is: “Pioneers in International Business”.

That is why Holland is the guest of honor country in the 58th ACODAL Congress. Come and meet us!